I Make, They Sell, You Buy – It Works Out Well For Everyone


My guitars are sold exclusively through Djangobooks

Michael Horowitz is not only a dear friend, but he is among the most knowledgeable dealers in the style of guitars that I make. I sell through Michael because I trust him, because he is exceptionally good at what he does, and because my method of work is not well suited to a direct sales model. To be clear, this means there is no deposit or list or reservation system with me or with Michael.

OK, I understand you don’t have a waiting list, but how do I order one?

When I finish a guitar, I send it to Michael and he puts it up for sale. I know it’s an unusual way to do business, but it separates me from the pressure of worrying about who wants what and by when. My sole motivation for being in luthiery is to learn. This comes through studying seminal instruments, from talking with artists about the challenges they face, from researching concepts in materials and acoustics, and then letting those influences guide my work. Making and selling to a list or schedule turns into a lot of email and phone time and pulls me away from the process. That is why I work the way I do.